Any pull requests are welcome. For new features please check out and target the develop branch with your PR. For bugfixes check out and target the master branch. All PRs are validated via Travis CI. Please ensure that all checks complete successfully.

To work on this library locally you can use the commands shown below.


The following command runs all unit tests:

npm test

Building and Packaging

The following command:

npm run build
  • lints the code with TSLint
  • compiles and bundles the library using TypeScript, the ngc compiler, and rollup
  • creates dist folder with all the files of distribution

To test the npm package locally run:

npm run pack-lib

and install it in an app to test it with:

npm install [path]ngrx-forms-[version].tgz

To build and install the library in the example application you can run this:

npm run example-install


To generate the documentation, this library uses mkdocs. See their website on how to install it locally. Then you can view the documentation with:

mkdocs serve